Food Grade Liquids
Assured Product Sanitation
From Pickup to Delivery

We use stainless steel insulated trailers dedicated to hauling food grade products. We’re specialists in hauling all food grade products, as well as being a kosher certified food grade hauler. The inside welds are polished to #4 Milk Finish. The trucks possess heat-in-transit capability. Trucks feature stainless steel food grade pumps and food grade hoses. The sanitary stainless steel fittings are adaptable from 2" to 4" systems. The pump box, all domes and outlets are able to be security sealed.

A state-of-the-art washout facility is able to maintain an excess of 180-degree wash water for a maximum 15-minute wash cycle. The washrack can perform detergent or caustic washes. Wash water is a once-through system, not recycled for interior washes.

Trailers can be dried utilizing a filtered air system containing 3-inch stainless steel food grade pumps with stainless steel fittings and they are hydraulically driven to provide variable speed discharge. The pump may be disassembled for inspection.

Center drop discharge, double conical trailers provide excellent drainage and minimum retainage. Rear discharge units are also available.

Lightweight, fuel-efficient tractors allow for maximum payload capacity, which results in lower unit cost and greater savings to the customer.

Sugar Pneumatics
Wine Tanks
Dry Freight Vans

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