State-of-the-Art in Tank Sterilization
Extreme Precautions Are Taken
to Ensure a Bacteria-Free Environment

Our truck washrack is a complete sterilization system. It is located on a seven-acre lot with an independent building. The building houses all the equipment needed for state-of-the-art cleansing which includes a piping system, well water, pumps, filters, boilers, holding tanks and the spinner. Any factor effecting the suitability of the wash water from the time it is pumped from the well unit until it is utilized to wash the tanker is monitored.

The water supplied to the washrack is provided by a well tested for bacteria and pathogens. Water softener service is provided on a weekly basis.

The washbay is protected from outdoor contaminants such as weather and airborne debris. It is free of litter that may promote pest harborage or micro growth. All surfaces are kept clean, free of dust and dirt. All water drains completely away from the work area, keeping the wash area clean and free of litter. The building itself is adequately vented to prevent condensation from forming on the walls and ceiling then dripping onto the tanker.

No areas of the wash facility emit odors, which depict fermentation, lack of cleanliness or other possible contaminants. Floors are free of pitting, cracks and surfaces that will hold or absorb water.

The wash water filter is a 3-inch Mueller 781-SS Flange with a "Y" strainer of 150 mesh. All piping from the wash supply filter to the rotojet head is stainless steel except for some food-grade hose. The covered stainless holding tank has a 4000-gallon capacity and the water is maintained at a minimum of 190 degrees. This allows us to produce 120lbs. of pressure at 60 gallons per minute while continually achieving a minimum of 190 degrees through stainless steel spinner throughout the wash.

Since the wash water is not recycled, a 15-minute wash cycle is utilized after the heels have been removed from the tank. The hoses and pump are sanitized by draining the wash water from the tank through the pump to the hoses. The interior of the hose tubes is cleaned after every wash. The pumps are constructed of stainless steel food grade material with stainless fittings.

A strip recording can be made to verify the temperature and duration of the wash. Monthly crosschecks are performed at regular intervals to confirm proper temperature readings.

Inspection lights with non-glass coverings are used for pre-wash and post-wash inspections.

The wash certificates contain the name, phone number and address of the wash facility. Wash tickets are in sequential order and list the previous commodity hauled. The wash certificates have an original and 3 copies to allow the washrack, shipper, receiver and the driver to have duplicate wash tags in their possession, respectively.

Security seals can be placed on all outlets, hoses, pumps, vent caps and any other point where access to the product is possible. Seal numbers may be recorded on the wash certificate.

Pest control is provided on a monthly basis by trained professionals and documented by the service reports.

Management and washrack personnel jointly monitor all aspects of the washout to ensure the cleanliness of the tank trailers will meet or exceed the most demanding customer requirements.

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