Food Grade Liquid Trucks - Cherokee Freight Lines
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Food Grade Liquid Trucks

Assured Product Sanitation
From Pickup to Deliver

Exclusively used to load and unload various liquid food grade products, our insulated stainless steel tanks have specialized in-transit heat capabilities.  Additionally, they have stainless steel food grade pumps and have center drop or rear unloading options. Some commodities to be transported include – but are not limited to – vinegar, chocolate, edible oils, and sweeteners.

We use stainless steel insulated trailers dedicated to hauling food grade products. We’re specialists in hauling all food grade products, as well as being a kosher certified food grade hauler. The inside welds are polished to #4 Milk Finish. The trucks possess heat-in-transit capability. Trucks feature stainless steel food grade pumps and food grade hoses. The sanitary stainless steel fittings are adaptable from 2″ to 4″ systems. The pump box, all domes and outlets are able to be security sealed.