Safety Is Our Priority - Cherokee Freight Lines
The Safety Program has defined policies for reporting collisions and moving violations, restricting alcohol and drug use and more.
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Clearly Defined Policies and Procedures

Safety is our priority

Planning and Preventing

Safety Department – Planning & Prevention Program: It is our mission to make safety a priority at Cherokee Freight Lines. We recognize and understand the value in putting our energy and focus into maintaining safety procedures and requirements to ensure the safety of our employees, our customers, the products we haul, as well as the general public.

We have a dedicated Planning and Prevention Program to aid us in the prevention of incidents and potential accidents. This program has been created with the intent that the information and processes will evolve over time with the maintenance of our staff from communications through, but not limited to, operators and customers alike.

The Safety Program has clearly defined policies and procedures for, but not limited to, reporting collisions and moving violations, restricting alcohol and drug use, driver eligibility requirements, vehicle selection standards, vehicle inspections, vehicle preventive maintenance programs, collision investigations, disciplinary action, incentive programs, employee performance reviews, training program participation, and much more.

We utilize progressive tactics for developing preventive measures as well as issuing progressive discipline when our standards are not met.  We assess each incident and/or standard operating procedure in order to find preventive measures to significantly minimize and/or completely avoid accidents or injuries.

Corrective and Preventive Action

Cherokee Freight Lines (CFL) is concerned with delivering quality services to its customers. The effectiveness of CFL’s quality system can be directly correlated to the effectiveness of its corrective action system. These tools provide the mechanism for correcting performance, process and service problems in a healthy quality system by formally pursuing corrective action and process improvement.

The effectiveness of CFL’s program depends on each team member. Everyone performing work at CFL participates with varying degrees of responsibility. These can include reporting quality-system insufficiencies, customer complaints, non-conformances, performing root cause investigation, developing corrective/preventive action, implementing corrective/preventive action, and/or verifying its effectiveness.

Cherokee Freight Lines has exceeded competitor safety ratings by and large through the hard work and dedication of our team and our commitment to safety.